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The first beauty house in the world to develop an exfoliator and alcohol-free cleansers and toners, we were quick to establish ourselves as a skincare brand that anticipates the needs and expectations of women.

Yoga Benefits & Metabolism Diet

Yoga & Metabolism

Yoga and the benefit to your Metabolism and Weight Lost for everyone is of vast importance to us all and here at The Amazing Metabolism Diet we aim to create a series of articles to do just that!

Protein And Carbohydrates Foods

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

Protein was the first substance to be recognized as a vital part of living tissue. In fact, the word protein comes from the Greek word Proteos, which means “primary” or “taking first place,” indicating the importance of this nutrient in the function of the body.

Contents Metabolism Amazing Diet

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

Introduction, How to Boost Your Metabolism, Towards Understanding Metabolism, Low Fat Labels, What’s Inside, Part 1: What is Metabolism?, The Medical Mumbo Jumbo, Anabolism and Catabolism, Metabolism and Weight Loss, Calories, A Final Word About Fat, Recap, Part 2: Tips, Techniques, and Strategies.

Introduction Metabolism Diet

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

Indeed, it’s not uncommon to overhear people talking about their struggles, or triumphs, over the holiday bulge or love handles in terms of whether their metabolism is working, or not.

Towards Understanding Metabolism

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

There is so much information floating around out there, much of it over the internet or through a, friend of a friend who has a personal trainer‚ that there’s bound to be some confusion and conflicting messages.

Low Fat Labels! Fact From Fiction

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

Another big reason that people don’t have clear, consistent information on this topic is because, unfortunately, there are a lot of foods and supplement companies on the market who don’t want you to know fact from fiction.

What’s Inside? Check It Out!

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

And that’s why this book exists. It’s been created for the millions of everyday people like us who simply want to know how to speed up metabolism, and how to lose weight the right, healthy, and responsible way.

Part One: What Is Metabolism?

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

Some people think that the metabolism is a kind of organ, or a body part, that influences digestion. Actually, the metabolism isn’t any particular body part. It’s the process by which the body converts food into energy.

Metabolism And Weight Loss

The Amazing Metabolism Diet

By now, you already have a sense of how metabolism relates to weight loss (Catabolic Metabolism, or breaking cells down and transforming them into energy).

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